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$23.4 Billion compensation approved for First Nations children, youth and families affected by Canada’s discriminatory conduct

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has approved the Revised Final Settlement Agreement on Compensation for First Nations children and families.

The Our Children Our Way Society welcomes the Tribunal’s ruling. This is a victory for the thousands of children and families who endured discrimination under the First Nations Child & Family Services program and under Jordan’s Principle: they are one step closer to receiving compensation for their suffering. The next step will require approval of the agreement from the Federal Court.

The Tribunal notes that compensation is not a full remedy for the discrimination that was identified in this case, which remains “focused on the need for a complete reform, the elimination of the systemic racial discrimination found and the need to prevent similar practices from arising.”

We hold up our hands to the First Nations Caring Society and the Assembly of First Nations who have worked so hard to achieve this measure of justice for First Nations children and families. We fully support their ongoing work to fully and finally end discrimination against First Nations children and families.

Read the Tribunal’s decision here: 2023 Jul 26 Historic Agreement FNCFCS & Attorney General of Canada Tribunal File

Mussi cho

Mary Teegee – Maaxswxw Gibuu, Chair, ICFSD Our Children Our Way Society