Who We Are

The Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors represents the 24 First Nation, Inuit and Métis Delegated Aboriginal Agencies (DAAs) in British Columbia. For decades, we have been advocating for the resumption of support and care for our children and youth.

Since the very first contact between Settlers and Indigenous Peoples, paternalistic colonial child welfare practices have had destructive impacts on the well-being of our children and families. This long history has contributed to the over-representation of our children in the child welfare system and poor outcomes for these children and their families. It’s time for that to change.

Mission, vision and guiding principles

We work to support culturally based child and family services in the communities that Indigenous Child and Family Services Agencies operate in. Our mission is to support Indigenous Nations’ visions for jurisdiction and self-government pertaining to the well-being of their children and youth.

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Creation story

The Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Forum was developed by child and family service advocates including Nita Walkem, a trailblazer for Indigenous child welfare in her own community and across the province. Read our creation story and learn how the Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Forum came to be.

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Our Directors

Meet the dedicated Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors who meet collectively as the “Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Forum.” Together, they advocate for the best interests of our children and youth.

Our Partners

The Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Forum works with federal and provincial governments through a formal Partnership Forum table. We work together in mutual respect with a collaborative approach to identify challenges, build on strengths and develop solutions to provide ethical, proactive and accountable services to children and families based on their cultural values. We collaborate on building and enhancing child and family service delivery, addressing common interests, identifying resources, and creating committees to support the work of the Partnership Forum.

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Indigenous Child and Family Service Agencies across British Columbia have been providing child welfare and support services for our children — in over 120 First Nation communities — for over 30 years.

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