The Indigenous Child & Family Services Directors Our Children Our Way Society is built on the vision and wisdom of the Indigenous leaders who have worked tirelessly to restore decision-making over the welfare of our children and families.

We trace our roots back to the Indian Homemakers Association of BC, and the early Indigenous women’s political movement. We have never stopped fighting government efforts to destroy our culture and break up families.

We aim to provide a unified, collective, and expert voice on Indigenous child and family well-being matters, with a focus on systemic changes to policy, practice, legislation, and funding to meet the best interests of Indigenous children. In a nutshell: our children, our way.

Becoming a Society Member

The Indigenous Child & Family Services Directors Our Children Our Way Society is opening its membership to Nations, Section 35 Rights Holders, and Indigenous child and family serving organizations endorsed by the communities they serve.

Why Apply

Information Sharing:  Information is key in a rapidly changing environment. From briefing notes to webinars, toolkits to forums, the Society brings together critical information that affects your children and families.

Relationships:  We take pride in doing this important heart-work in our communities. Joining the Society provides an opportunity to build relationships with supportive allies and colleagues.

Shared Resources:  Learn from and contribute to our ever-expanding collection of wise practices and shared resources.

A Seat at the Table:  Bring your perspective to the Quarterly Directors & Partnership Forums. Join a portfolio to help shape and inform our work.

Forums – Quarterly

  • Directors Forum: Indigenous Child and Family Services Agency Directors and designates
  • Partnership Forum: ICFSD Agency Directors and Partners from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) and MCFD (Ministry for Child and Family Development)

Portfolios – Every 6 weeks

  • Practice & Innovation
  • Substantive Equality
  • Partnerships
  • Jurisdiction
  • Communications
  • Operations & Administration


  • Post Majority Supports
  • Training Advisory
  • Jurisdiction & Regulations
  • MMIWG2SLGBTQQIA+ ‘Calls to Justice’
  • RCY BC Joint Action Plan
  • National Advisory Committee
  • Social Work Oversight
  • Insurance
  • CFCSA Regulations

No membership fees for the first year.

Find out more in our Society Information Pamphlet and apply for membership using the form below.

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Support from Rights Holders(Required)
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By joining the Our Children Our Way Society you are in no way surrendering your rights to make decisions regarding the wellbeing of the children, families and communities you serve.

By joining the Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Society you and the person you appoint as your member agree to uphold the Society’s Mission and Vision and to respect the Society’s Guiding Principles.

You can Read our Mission and Guiding Principles here.

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