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Teegee gets vote of confidence from Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors

Mary Teegee is acclaimed as Chairperson for another two-year term

Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors (ICFSD) chairperson Mary Teegee was acclaimed for another 2-year term last week.

Mary Teegee is the Executive Director of Child and Family Services at Carrier Sekani Family Services, President of the BC Aboriginal Child Care Society, BC member of the National Advisory Committee on Indigenous Child Welfare, and BC board representative on the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society. Teegee holds an MBA from Simon Fraser University and is serving her fourth consecutive term as chair.

“I thank the Directors for their continued faith in me. It’s one of my biggest honours to represent you,” said Teegee. “With the Agreement in Principle and Bill C-92 we are entering an era of significant and positive change in child and family services. It’s incumbent on us as leaders to ensure that no child is left behind or falls through the cracks. As indigenous people we are all related, let our work reflect that. I’m excited to do my part.”

Joining Teegee for an additional two-year term are Jennifer Chuckry (Urban), Kelley McReynolds (Coastal/Fraser), and Yvonne Hare (Interior). Director’s terms are staggered, and Bill Yoachim (Island), Cheryl Williams (North), and Adam Calvert (Métis) have time remaining in their respective terms.

ICFSD’s seven member executive provides day to day direction to the ICFSD secretariat staff and advisory team.

The Secretariat is funded through annual contributions from each of the 24 Indigenous Child and Family Service Agencies (the Members) operating in BC, and it works collectively on behalf of its members to advance Indigenous excellence in service design and delivery. Indigenous Child and Family Service agencies provide services to 120 First Nations in BC, Métis and Urban Indigenous peoples.

Work commences this week to review the Indigenous Child and Family Services Directors Forum terms of reference to invite and include the 84 First Nations that are currently not affiliated with a Child and Family Service Agency.