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RFP OCOW Financial Auditing Services

The Indigenous Child & Family Services Directors Our Children Our Way Society (OCOW), a registered not for profit society, is seeking proposals from qualified independent auditors to conduct a comprehensive audit of the Society’s financial records and operations for the 2023/24 fiscal year. Reappointment for subsequent fiscal years is a possibility. These audits are to be performed in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards and the financial statements are to be prepared in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles applicable to not-for-profit organizations.

OCOW is a unique provincial organization that represents the 24 Indigenous Child & Family Service Agencies (ICFSAs), delegated by the Provincial Director of Child Welfare to provide child & family services, throughout British Columbia. Membership with the Society is also expanding to include BC Nations who do not receive services through an ICFSA and are looking to re-assert jurisdiction over child and family well-being in their communities. The work of the Society is conducted through a Secretariat team.

OCOW aims to address child and family well-being issues that have a province-wide impact. Our mission is to support Indigenous Nations’ vision for jurisdiction and self-government pertaining to the well-being of their children and youth. We aim to speak with a collective and expert voice on child welfare matters, with a focus on systemic changes to policy, practice, legislation, and funding to ensure the best interests of Indigenous children are being met. In a nutshell: our children, our way. We envision communities that are well equipped to provide high quality and culturally appropriate care for all their children.

The purpose of the ICFSD Society is to:

  • Support member agencies and organizations to share information and best practices;
  • Advocate for appropriate, culturally based practices, standards and policies, and the resources to implement them; and
  • Promote awareness of the successes, challenges, and recommended strategies to support Indigenous communities and organizations to achieve their vision for children and families.
  • The Our Children Our Way Society employs seven (7) full-time employees and one (1) part-time employee. The work of OCOW is also supported by several contractors, consultants and advisors.

Employees, contractors, consultants and advisors conducting work on behalf of the OCOW Society do so remotely. Most of the Society’s records are maintained electronically.

Further details: 2024 Apr 05 RFP OCOW Financial Auditing Services

Respondents to this RFP must submit one proposal. Proposals specifically marked “RFP for External Audit Services” shall be received by the following:

Attention: Roberta Van Steinburg, Finance Manager      Email: [email protected]

Proposals will be accepted until 4:00 pm on April 26, 2024. Late proposals will not be accepted. Respondents must provide their proposal electronically in PDF file format on or before the specified submission deadline. All proposal amounts shall be indicated in words and figures and shall include applicable