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Last month the Partnership Forum welcomed the newly appointed BC Minister of Child and Family Services, The Hon. Mitzi Dean, MLA.

Indigenous Child and Family Service Directors shared the growth and evolution of agencies over the last 36 years and the roots of the Indigenous movement to resume our rightful place in the affairs of our families. Four examples of Indigenous led practice were showcased, illustrating the unique lens and service approaches among Indigenous Child and Family Service agencies.

It was a timely discussion for Directors. Very recently in BC we reached a tipping point, and today over half of the 3,529 Indigenous Children and Youth in Care are in the care of Indigenous Child and Family Service agencies.

We appreciated the opportunity to meet the Minister to begin the conversation about how we can work collaboratively to support Indigenous children, youth and families, and are encouraged to have a minister with decades of frontline child and family service experience leading this work.


It’s mental health week

Today, as we mark the beginning of Mental Health Week, we hold in our hearts the 500 British Columbians who have lost their lives to toxic drugs this year. As we focus this week on mental health, we are mindful of the deep need within our communities for connection to culture and traditional healing. Six years ago, the Directors Forum and MCFD completed the Aboriginal Policy and Practice Framework.


Child and Family Service Agencies win Reconciliation awards

Congratulations to Carrier Sekani Family Services and Ktunaxa Kinbasket Child and Family Services


Update from the RCY

Our November 2020 report, COVID-19 and the Impact on Children’s Mental Health, written by Dr. Charlotte Waddell at Simon Fraser University’s Child Health Policy Centre, stated, “the COVID-19 public health crisis has created significant challenges for children in B.C.” and that “racism may contribute to children facing hardships during the pandemic.”