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BC born Moose Hide Campaign celebrates its 13th Annual Campaign Day

lək̓ʷəŋən Territory

The Moose Hide Campaign, a BC born Indigenous-led grassroots movement established to end violence against women and children, came together, alongside more than 500,000 participants across Turtle Island, on its 13th Annual Campaign Day on May 16, 2024, hosted on lək̓ʷəŋən territory.

As the campaign has grown, many communities have come to host their own Moose Hide Campaign Day gatherings, creating a powerful platform for Indigenous voices to be heard.  Each campaign day begins in ceremony, starting the day in a sunrise ceremony hosted by Knowledge Keepers on the East Coast, and many participants committing to fast through the day.  Campaign Day is opened in protocol, honouring the teachings and territories of the lək̓ʷəŋən people whose lands upon which we gathered.  Following protocol, participants engaged in circle discussions regarding gender-based violence and then gathered for a walk to end violence, arriving at the legislature buildings.  Powerful, culturally rooted conversations took place in the various workshops that were offered to those attending in-person, to those attending virtually, and for children and youth from kindergarten right through to grade 12.  The day ended in a fast-breaking ceremony, followed by a meal and closing protocol.

The campaign’s co-founders, Raven Lacerte and her father Paul, envisioned the Moose Hide Campaign movement while hunting in their ancestral territories, along the infamous Highway of Tears, where staggering numbers of Indigenous women have gone missing or been murdered. Their initial vision has now grown into a nationwide initiative, which has seen more than five million moose hide pins distributed as a symbol of commitment to ending gender-based violence.

The Moose Hide Campaign has also recently launched “We Are Medicine”, a self-paced, 5-part learning journey for everyone to discover how they are the medicine to end violence within their homes, their communities and their workplaces.  We Are Medicine is a learning journey that offers a practical guide, supported by 90-minutes of video content led by Indigenous Wisdom Carriers from across Turtle Island and the Moose Hide Campaign.

The need for the Moose Hide Campaign and We Are Medicine is underscored in paralyzing statistics:

  • Each year in British Columbia, there are more than 60,000 physical or sexual assaults against women.
  • One in three women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

Indigenous women and girls in Canada are 12 times more likely to be murdered or go missing than any other demographic of women in Canada. This disproportionate violence demands immediate and sustained action.

The Our Children Our Way Society extends its heartfelt congratulations to the organizers, volunteers, and participants who have dedicated themselves to ending gender-based violence.  Your vision, determination and ongoing efforts are affecting change, which will lead to safer and more just societies for Indigenous women and children.  As we move forward, it is critical that we continue to life Indigenous voices and experiences, that we challenge systemic inequalities, and that we come together collectively with our hearts and minds to eradicate gender-based violence eradicated

Moose Hide Campaign Day 2024 announced the distribution of 5 million moose hide pins since its inception, across Turtle Island, and beyond. These are such important conversations as people connect with their minds and their hearts to end violence against women and children.