Loving Justice: Breathing Life Into Our Own Laws

Loving Justice Presentations

September 8-11, 2024
Vancouver Convention Centre

The call for sessions is now open! This is your opportunity to bring your wisdom, research and innovation to the Loving Justice: Breathing Life into Our Own Laws Conference. We are seeking submissions for the breakout sessions and workshops, which will comprise a large portion of the program. All break-out sessions will be 90 min in length. Whether your idea is polished or still in development, your proposal will be considered.

This national conference seeks to share and mobilize modern and inherent Indigenous knowledge about the changing landscape of Indigenous child and family jurisdiction. Presentation submissions should align with at least one of the following legal and jurisdictional considerations:

1. Jurisdiction Pathways & Models

2. Upholding and Enacting Indigenous Law

  • International and Local Applications
  • Collaborative Agreements, MOU’s and Protocols
  • Legal Coordination between Nations

3. Nation Building and Governance

  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms and Mediation
  • Quality Assurance and Liability
  • Negotiations with government parties
  • Accountability structures to Children and Youth’s Rights

4. Class Actions and Human Rights Law

  • Intersections and implications for Indigenous Jurisdiction

Registration Requirement

All presenters selected to host a workshop are required to register for the conference. Loving Justice offers a reduced registration rate for up to two presenters per workshop. You may register at the presenter rate once your workshop has been accepted. Additional presenters must register at the standard conference rate. There are no subsidies available. By submitting a proposal, presenters agree to pay for their registration and travel costs.

The abundance of our national conference reflects the diversity of presenters who come to share their wisdom and experience in the field. The Our Children Our Way Society values a vast representation of presenters from varied backgrounds and communities.

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May 31, 2024


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Conference designs and photos by Felicia Greekas Designs