Our Children Our Way: A Forum for Indigenous Child and Family Well-Being

2023 Conference

October 16-18, 2023
Vancouver Convention Centre

The 2nd Annual Our Children Our Way Conference aims to create a space for collaboration, relationship building, and knowledge exchange among Indigenous child and family service providers and communities. The conference provides an opportunity for 1,100 attendees to strengthen their networks and enhance their understanding of effective approaches to supporting Indigenous children, youth and families. By addressing various aspects of practice, policy, community healing, operational development, and jurisdictional pathways, the conference seeks to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of Indigenous child and family services across the country.

Key Areas of Focus

  1. Best Practice: Participants have the chance to explore and discuss innovative practices and interventions that promote the well-being and development of Indigenous children and families.
  2. Policy: The conference will offer a platform to examine policies and frameworks relevant to Indigenous child and family services. Discussions may focus on policy development, implementation, and evaluation, with the goal of enhancing policies that reflect the
    unique needs and aspirations of Indigenous communities.
  3. Community Healing: Recognizing the historical trauma and ongoing impacts of colonization, the conference addresses the importance of community healing in the context of child and family services. Participants may explore culturally appropriate healing practices, trauma-informed care, and strategies to support community well-being.
  4. Operational Development: The conference will provide insights into operational aspects of Indigenous child and family services, such as service delivery models, organizational development, and resource management.
  5. Jurisdictional Pathways: The conference acknowledges the importance of Indigenous
    self-determination and jurisdiction in child and family services. It offers a platform to discuss jurisdictional frameworks, legal considerations, and collaborative approaches to govern and deliver services.

Who Should Attend

Hereditary and elected leadership, youth, elders, knowledge keepers, band designates, social workers, community partners, and Indigenous child and family services organizations.

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of Indigenous child and family services across the country.


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Conference designs and photos by Felicia Greekas Designs